Terms and Conditions

All content of these sites has a copyright by Sabine Lackner.

All content here published was created with very high scrupulousness. Butnevertheless I can not give a guarantee for the full correctness of this information. Should I have violated inadvertantly current rights, specially copyrights, I urgently request you to contact me.

No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of all this information in this websites. Every liability for demages, that result in utilization of these contets, links and images, is impossible.

If there are direct or indirect references to other websites (links), I dont have any influence on their content and creation. At the time of putting here the link, they were as far as I know free from all illegal or bad content. Because I connot take any responsibilty for content and creation of the reached websites, I dissosiate from all content and creation of those sites.

The reference (link) to my homepage  is permitted and welcome. For direkt and indirect references from other websites (links) I dont have any influence on their content and creation of their websites and pronounce here expressly, that I will not take  any responsibility for content and creation of their pages.


All my pictures have my copyright. The unlimited right of use and copyright belong to me (Sabine Lackner). A Publication and dublication of the paintings and drawings for private use is not allowed  without a written permission of Sabine Lackner.

I reserve the right to use photos of the paintings and drawings for advertising purposes on my homepage or for other advertising purposes. Not bought or returned paintings , which stay in my ownership, can also be used from me for advertising purposes or I can resale them.

Terms of delivery:

The delivery time for the drawings and paintings depends on the order situation and kind of design. I will paint them as soon as possible. You get an information of the expected delivery date. Delay of delivery does not authorize to claims for damages.

If the customer don’t like the portrait, which was handmade for the client, of course I can use the painting other ways or I can resale it.

The customer assures with placing the order, that all reference pictures he sends me, are free from rights of third persons and that I have the permission to use them.

For any possible demage or loss of the sended photos, cannot be given a compensation.

Datas, you send to Sabine Lackner, can be perhaps wached by unauthorized persons. Therfore I will not ask any datas by credit cards  or bank accounts. Datas you send to Sabine Lackner will be safed for archive purposes. These datas will not be given to third persons by Sabine Lackner.


Payment becomes due before shipping the painting or drawing. Gift vouchers also have to be paid before I will send them to the clients.


The shipment of the finished painting or drawing and of the reference photos takes place at the own risk of the client. I dont take any liability for demages  and loss, which happen on the way of shipping.

I only take liability for demages, that are created by me gross negligent.

Reshipments and complaints must be placed during  the next 14 days after receipt of the portrait.  After that time the order is completed. For delivery in foreign countries I will herfore chare a minimum of 4 weeks, because of the longer delivery periods.

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