Important informations concerning the reference photos:

The quality of the reference images is very important, to achieve good results!

They have to be as sharply and as detailed as possible! The more detailed, the better it is! Please take care of following points, that I can make good artwork and you get a good painting:

  • The picture must be expressive! The head of the animal should be good centered on the image and the eyes should be good visible. The eyes are very important, to capter the personality of your sweetheart!

  • Please take care, that each little detail is visible. The more little things I can see, the better will be the final result (per example the hairs of the mane, the tail, the fur,...)

  • The photo should be as clear as possible!

  • Please take care that there is a good lighting! The best would be, to take the photos outside at sunshine. All the lights, reflections and shadows in the fur and in the mane should be visible very good.

  • Please avoid taking pictures up to the sun! The sun should be behind of you.

  • The reference image should not be too dark!

  • Please take care on a right perspective. Take the photos on high of the eyes of the animals, but not from the bottom up or top down.

  • All copyrights of the reference photos you send me,  must been clarified by the client.
  • For demages, that happened because of unclarified copyright questions, the client will be responsible.

You can send me the pictures by e-mail or by post. I would prefer the way by e-mail, because there I can print immediately the photo, as I need it. The best would be, if you can send me some different reference photos of your animal, then we can choose the best one.

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