Placing of order:

If you have decided to let me draw a picture of your animal, please contact me per e-mail. Then we discuss the size, the material and all other details, how you would like the animalportrait.

You tell me your individual wishes and send me your photos of the pet. The best way would be also per e-mail.

Of course all your personal datas are treated with the strictest confidence.

The reference photos, should be as good and detailed as possible! The more detailed, the better it would be! The animal should be visible very good, the light should be ok, the photo has to be very clear, that I can see each little detail (Please watch category “ reference photos”).

The best would be, you send me some different reference pictures, and then we can choose the best one of them.

As soon as all questions are discussed, you get an order confirmation and I will start with the animalportrait. Delivery time will be about 2-4 weeks. It depends on the order situation and on the size of the portrait.

When I have finished painting, I will send you a photo of the animalportrait per e-mail, and you dedice, if you like the drawing, or not. If you don’t like the portrait, you are not obliged to buy it, but I hope very much, that you are satisfied with the final result! If a customer dont’t want to buy the painting, it stays in my ownership.

If my artwork meets your expectations, I will give you my bank details and you transfer the amout we have discussed to my account. As soon as the transfered money is on my bank account, I will ship the portrait and I hope the picture arrives unhurted in your hands!

placing of order
reference photos
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