To create animalportraits also pastels are a very interesting material. A special feature of pastels is, that you can use them for drawing and also for painting. It is possible to fill very big areas very quickly, but you can also draw the smallest details.

There are different pastels: They can be angular, round, soft or hard. And there are also pastel pencils.

For my animalportraits and petpaintings I use soft pastels and also pastel pencils. The softpastels I use to fill in big areas and for tha backgrounds. It is possible to draw also fine lines with the edges. For all detailed work I use pastel pencils.

My pastels have all high quality and also a high lightfastness. Mainly I use pastels from “Rembrandt” and “Jaxell”. The pastel pencils are from “Derwent” and I have also some from “Faber Castell”.

I paint on high quality artist pastel paper in white or different colour shades.

I prefer to paint on pastelcard from Sennelier or on velour-papier. These papers are very good for animalportraits! Pastelcard has a sandy surface. On that card the pigments stick very well. Velour-paper has a very soft fluffy surface, a little bit like fleece. There you can reach very soft effects, for example very soft fur.

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